Jānis Irbe

Chairman of the Board of Latvian Renewable Energy federation (LAEF)

Jānis Irbe has professional education of the Latvian University of Agriculture. Jānis Irbe has been operating in the renewable energy sector in various fields, such as forestry and wood-based biomass production projects, as well as companies that offer bio-energy production facilities, utilities and waste recycling machinery and equipment and bioheating forest. In parallel, duties LREF Jānis Irbe is the Deputy Chairman of Latvian Small Scale Hydropower Association. Latvian Renewable Energy federation (here in after – the LREF) is an organization that unites leading renewable energy associations in Latvia, such as bioenergy (biomass and biogas), small hydropower, solar and wind energy associations. LREF was established on February 4, 2013. LREF unites "Latvian Institute of Sustainable Development", "Latvian Confederation of renewable energy", "Latvian Bioenergy Association", "Latvian Biogas Association", "Latvian Biomass Association LATBIO", "Small Scale Hydropower Association", "Wind Energy Association," "Wind power producers union", "Solar energy Association", "Latvian Association for Solar Collectors", "Solar power station association".